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What is the use of Gitpod?

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Gitpod is an online tool that provides ready-to-code cloud development environments. Here’s what it does:

🌥👨‍💻 Server-Side Development Environments: Gitpod can spin up a server-side development environment for you in seconds. This environment is essentially a Docker container that includes your source code, Git terminal, VS Code extensions, and even your IDE (Theia IDE). It’s powerful enough to run your application and any side services you might need.

🌥⚙ Dev Environment as Code: Gitpod treats your development environment as code. It’s automated, version-controlled, and shared across your team. Think of it as infrastructure-as-code for your development setup.

📦 Prebuilds: Gitpod prebuilds your workspace, which means it runs your build tools on git push (similar to CI/CD). This ensures that your workspace is already compiled and all dependencies are downloaded when you start coding.

🌐 🤝 Collaboration: Since your development environment lives server-side, collaboration becomes easier. You can share a snapshot of your environment with colleagues by sending them a URL. Live shared coding in the same IDE and dev environments is also possible.

🗑🧹 Ephemeral Dev Environments: Gitpod encourages treating dev environments as something ephemeral. You start them, code, push your changes, and then forget about the environment. For your next task, you’ll use a fresh dev environment. This approach frees you from maintaining local dev environments on your machine.

🗺 Usage Options: Gitpod can be used on or self-hosted on Kubernetes, GCP, or AWS.

In summary, Gitpod streamlines the process of setting up development environments, makes collaboration smoother, and liberates you from local environment management. 🚀

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NB1: there is a free plan with 50 hours/month but with limited storage and workspaces which is good enough

NB2: you can use it with GitHub/ GitLab/ BitBucket