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· frontend,react

Million.js is a powerful library designed to optimize React performance 🏍 and make React applications faster. It acts as a drop-in optimizing compiler for React, providing significant performance improvements for UI and data-heavy React apps.

Here are some key points about Million.js:

📈 Performance Boost: Million.js aims to make React applications approximately 10% faster by optimizing the rendering process.

🧱 Block Virtual DOM: Instead of using React’s traditional virtual DOM, Million.js introduces a novel concept called the “block” virtual DOM. This approach significantly improves performance by diffing data rather than the entire DOM.

⚡ Supercharged Compiler: Million.js includes a custom compiler that automatically optimizes React components on the server. This compilation process enhances performance without requiring developers to learn a new framework.

🤖 Automatic Mode: For those tired of learning new frameworks and dealing with large migrations, Million.js offers an automatic mode. Developers can use this mode to make their existing React apps faster without any code changes.

🌍 Real-World Usage: Million.js has been adopted by several companies that ship to millions of users. Some notable examples include Wyze, Hack Club, Dona AI, LLM Report, and Texts.

As for similar libraries, there are a few other cutting-edge React libraries worth exploring:

1️⃣ Zustand: A JavaScript state management library that provides a simple API for managing state in React applications.

2️⃣ Solid: Similar to Million.js, Solid allows you to use JSX syntax and compiles your code to ship less to the browser. It also has a slim virtual DOM implementation.

3️⃣ TanStack Router: While not directly related to Million.js, TanStack Router offers automatic route prefetching, which can improve performance by loading data for routes based on user interactions.