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Why are you (still!) using Java? 👇👇👇

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7 Reasons Why, After 26 Years, Java Still Makes Sense!


1. Community

2. Language and Platform

3. More Solved Problems Than Any Other Ecosystem

4. Stability

5. Innovation

6. Tooling

7. Employment Opportunities



Knowing all the major points above, the argument around the ongoing success of Java becomes pretty apparent.

As a developer, you will invest your time in a particular technology by learning and being skilled at it. Once you've invested your time, you definitely will get your return of investment, which should not be limited to a year or a few years: it should be for many years to come.

Therefore, you should invest in a reliable, mature, proven portfolio with a rock-solid foundation.

In that respect, Java is clearly an excellent choice, regardless of whether you are a fresh graduate, an intermediate learner, or a seasoned developer. 

Finally, here is a Twitter thread where many well-known Java developers have expressed their views on why they have stuck with Java for the past 26 years. It's worth a read and expresses the enthusiasm underpinning our Java programming language and ecosystem

I hope you, I, and all of us will continue to work and love it and please share any additional insights or reasons you have for being part of the Java ecosystem below.