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☕🏎️When someone says Java is slow and verbose 🤦♂️

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Point them to this video by Java Champion Dan Vega

 Also, according to Java Champion Elder Moraes:

The number of people talking badly about Java just to get engagement on social media borders on the ridiculous!

Jokes I've been reading lately:

1) There's no new Java project

2) It doesn't make sense to start a project in Java

3) Java is bad because it doesn't accept a measly compilation error (not a joke, I read that)

4) Java only grew because of Android

5) Java stopped there in the applet

6) Java is too hard (you)

7) Java vacancies are running out

8) Java Only Has Legacy Maintenance Projects

9) You can't use Java in serverless architecture

And the most recent:

10) Java doesn't work with AI, LLM, etc

How lazy! 🥱🥱🥱

Michel Antony said:

Hi, pretty good points exposed, I saw Dan's video some days ago. That could be caused by a confirmation bias, I guess, many developers have had learning experiences with older versions of Java and Frameworks. But Java is not slow or verbose at all Java is one of the fastest programming languages according to different performance analyses. Thanks for sharing 😎👍🏻

Pavel said:

Amazon has colossal data centers around the world, but it has to optimize its software on my Fire Stick. For 10 minutes. I'm sure it's Java.


Aryan said:

I wouldn't call Java exactly slow but you cannot deny it is verbose. Java has its strengths and weaknesses. It uses a VM which is the reason for its slowness.

Owen said:

Well it is verbose which is why there is Apache Groovy on the JVM