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📐 DESIGN PATTERN: Front Controller

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The _____ Pattern is a design pattern that centralizes request handling in web applications, improving organization and maintainability.

* Facade

* Flyweight

* Filter

* Front Controller

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Answer: Front Controller

The Front Controller Pattern is a design pattern used in web application development to provide a centralized entry point for handling requests and managing the flow of the application. It helps ensure a consistent and organized way to process incoming requests, improving maintainability and modularity.

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Key components of the Front Controller Pattern:

1) Front Controller:

The Front Controller is a centralized component that receives all incoming requests from clients, such as web browsers.

It acts as the initial point of contact for handling requests and decides how to process them.

2) Dispatcher:

The Dispatcher is responsible for routing requests to the appropriate handlers, which can include controllers, actions, or other components.

It decides which part of the application should handle a specific request.

3) View:

The View represents the presentation layer of the application, responsible for rendering the response to be sent back to the client.

It can generate HTML, JSON, XML, or any other format.

4) Controller:

Controllers are responsible for processing requests, interacting with the model (if applicable), and determining the response to be generated.

They contain the application's business logic.

The Front Controller Pattern promotes a structured and organized approach to request handling in web applications.

It enhances code reusability, maintainability, and separation of concerns by centralizing request processing logic.