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️SOFT SKILLS: Success Balance Wheel

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Life success is all about having the appropriate balance. ⚖️

It's about managing that assortment of things that counts. ❗

The balance wheel is going to bring your attention 🔍 to things that may in fact be significant to you.


🤑 Where are you financially.

  • Can you take care of your obligations ?
  • Is your way of life what you expected ?

💼 How is your professional life.

  • Are you satisfied with your job ?
  • Do you enjoy its perks ?
  • How is your daily work ?

🌳 What kind of environment do you live in.

  • Do you like your neighborhood feel ?
  • Do you like the natural resources around ?

💪 About the Physical

  • Are you healthy ?
  • Are you fit ?
  • Are you well ?

🤷‍♂️ Personal needs.

  • What do you enjoy ?
  • What things are significant in your life ?

💓 Emotional

  • What emotional things really create passion for you ?
  • What energizes you ?
  • What things matter ?
  • What's going to be where you want to be ?

🧠 Mental

  • What mental challenges do you enjoy ?
  • Do you work with puzzles ?
  • Neuroscience shows that the mental challenges keep your mind, your brain fit and healthy.

🙏 Spiritual

  • What kind of spirituality do you have ?
  • Do you see life as having a purpose ?
  • Do you see your mission as having some kind of transcending values ?

👫 Relationships

  • What relationships are important to you ?
  • Do you find out that these relationships are really satisfying ?

⚽ Leisure

  • What kind of leisure activities do you have ?
  • Do you enjoy vacation ?


So we want to have this wheel in balance.

Normally you've got 10 items here.

If one of them is severely out of balance, say if one of them is severely neglected ⚠️, that's going to become dominant.

Some people may be financially successful, but their emotional needs are not fulfilled too. 🤷‍♂️

The balance wheel is a pretty effective 👍 tool to manage life priorities.