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️SOFT-SKILL: the P's to SELF-AFFIRMATION ➕🤳 ⛰️💪🖼️ ⏰

How do you get yourself aligned with your wishes?

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Do so by following the empowerment P's: Positive ➕, Personal 🤳, Persistent ⛰️, Powerful 💪, Practical 🖼️, Present Tense ⏰



  • Keeping it to top positive.
  • Your brain cannot understand the word no.
  • Don't fail.
  • Don't lose your money.
  • Don't don't don't.
  • The mind doesn't hear negatives.
  • Well so the first piece of positive self-talk is: "I want to keep it positive".
  • Instead of I have to, I get to, I have to go to work.
  • Negative that's doomed to fail.
  • I have to lose weight.
  • That's a negative.
  • Instead focus on the positive.
  • I need to get into shape, I need to increase my energy, I need to eat well, not I can't have pizza, I can't have ice cream.
  • So we want to create the first P is: I want to be positive.
  • I want to look for something good.


  • Second P is keep it personal.
  • I want Bob to do such and such.
  • I want the world to be more fair.
  • Those aren't going to work.
  • I can't control those but I can control me.
  • I want to be stronger.
  • I keep it personal.
  • Keep it about you.
  • Don't make it about somebody else.


  • I want to be persistent.
  • It becomes persistent by persisting it every day every.
  • Are you a visual person 👉 Put up pictures.
  • Are you an auditory person 👉 Make sure you say it here.
  • So are you kinaesthetic 👉 Talk to yourself about how things should feel.


  • Well make it powerful but make it something you can really buy into.
  • I can be dedicated to this.
  • I can own it.
  • It's important to me but I can BELIEVE it.
  • If you can't believe it you will never achieve it.
  • With the every day reinforcement with the pesistence technics:
  • It's going to strengthen you.
  • It's going to happen.


  • Now let's add the next piece into the thing make it practical.
  • Is it something I really want.
  • Is it something that's meaningful to me.
  • Well let's keep it practical.
  • I want that vacation.
  • Maybe I want that vacation to BALI maybe I want to have that practical image.
  • Practical simply means in this context that I can believe it that I can buy into it.


  • And the last piece is simple it's present tense.
  • Emotions and feelings are always in the here and now.
  • If I make it in the future it will never occur.
  • I want to change next year.
  • The mind will wait until next year.
  • I want to now.
  • So what do you do.
  • You tell yourself I am powerful.
  • I am resourceful.
  • I can achieve keep the things in the present tense.

Now if you take this set of these personal persistent positive present powerful practical and

you use them on a regular basis you're going to find out that it's shifting the programming in your mind.

You're becoming what you want to be.



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