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Remember the acrostic below

🆃 like 🆃ruth 👮

Truth has to be the norm;

You have to practice Integrity and Managed Transparency (disclose appropriately)

🆁 like 🆁esonate 🔊

Empathize, Clarify & Assure connection.

Does my interlocutor has a body language I like, does he/she take time, rephrase?

🆄 like 🆄nderstand 🧠

Relate to alternative perspectives.

Does my interlocutor understand me, is he/she like me?

🆂 like 🆂ensitive 💗

Appreciate possibilities;

Hear thoughts & feelings;

Does my interlocutor hear things?

🆃 like 🆃ransform ⚙️

Make adjustments;

Accept correction;

Is my interlocutor willing to transform? To adjust? To apologize?

#softskills #trust