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REACT COURSE: React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)

=>Dive in and learn React.js from scratch! Learn Reactjs, Hooks, Redux, React Routing, Animations, Next.js and way more!

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As I am getting proficient in Angular and as React is more popular than Angular; I started a new course: React - The Complete Guide.


➧ This course is fully up-to-date with React 18 (the latest version of React)! 🆕

➧ It was completely updated and re-recorded from the ground up - it teaches the very latest version of React with all the core, modern features you need to know! 🎬

➧ A thorough introduction to React.js (What is it and why would you use it?) 👶

➧ All the core basics: How React works, building components with React & building UIs with React ⚙️

➧ Components, props & dynamic data binding 🔗

➧ Working with user events and state to create interactive applications 📱

➧ A (thorough) look behind the scenes to understand how React works under the hood 💡

➧ Detailed explanations on how to work with lists and conditional content 📃

➧ React Hooks (in-depth)! 🪝

➧ Working with built-in Hooks and building custom Hooks 🪝

➧ How to debug React apps 🪲

➧ Styling React apps with "Styled Components" and "CSS Modules" 🎨

➧ Working with "Fragments" & "Portals" 🧱

➧ Dealing with side effects 📺

➧ Class-based components and functional components 🧑‍💼

➧ Sending Http requests & handling transitional states + responses 🌐

➧ Handling forms and user input (incl. validation) ✍️

➧ Redux & Redux Toolkit 🛠️

➧ Routing with React Router 🛣️

➧ An in-depth introduction into Next.js 👩‍🏫

➧ Deploying React Apps 📦

➧ Implementing Authentication 🔐

➧ Unit Tests ⚡

➧ Combining React with TypeScript 🔃

➧ Animations ✏️

➧ Tons of examples and demo projects so that you can apply all the things you learned in real projects 📚

➧ And so much more - check out the full curriculum on this page! 😀

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