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SOFT-SKILL: Be Aware of your Self-talking 🗣️🤳

👉 Spot negative self-talking and prune those negative thoughts

· team,soft-skills
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Once upon a time, we told people that if they talked to themselves, they were crazy 🤪.

Nowadays, more and more people 👩👨🧓👴👩‍🦱🧑‍🦱 talk to themselves.

You talk to yourself 🪞 much more than anybody else does.

Regularly, you're telling yourself about the things you can do ✊.

You're scheming 📐📏 your future.

You're also talking to yourself about past regrets 😔.

And it is this last point that you should be aware of ⚠️.

  • Well, we often wind up telling ourselves the wrong things ❌.
  • We go the wrong way ❌.
  • We discourage ourselves ❌.
  • We tell ourselves that it's best not to try to do X ❌.
  • We're going to fail ❌.
  • We're going to waste our time ❌.
  • We've got to make a fool of ourselves ❌.
  • We discourage risk-taking ❌.

I have such thoughts when I have opportunities for new relationships, either in business or leisure.

I say to myself, it is a loss of time ⌛, it is not worth the effort 💪, and it will be again a bad experience 🤣.

But the point is to continue experimenting until you get it right 👍.

Unfortunately, neuroscience 🧠 has indicated that up to about 75 percent of those inner dialogues are negative ⛈️.

So the tip is to detect 🎯 when you self-talk badly and prune ✂️ out these negative thoughts.

Self-manage you 😉 ! Create an active, positive 🤗 dynamic dialogue that encourages and supports what you want, what you can do, and where you want to succeed!

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