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SCRUM: Why Focus on Velocity Inhibits Agility by Ilia Pavlichenko

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The concept of velocity signifies:

The speed at which a Development Team converts Product Backlog Items into a Product Increment that is RELEASABLE.

Pay particular attention to RELEASABLE which means Done = DoD = releasable.


Velocity only shows that the team was busy with something.

Velocity does not show:

* Whether the client’s problem was resolved.

* Whether team is working on the highest priority problems.

* Amount of value delivered.

* Level of client satisfaction.


Velocity reflects the volume of a Development Team’s output.

Unfortunately, this is not enough for the creation of successful products.


By strengthening the DoD, velocity decreases.

So Focus on velocity keeps the team away from strengthening their DoD.

As a result, that inhibits feedback from market, learning and agility.

Forget about velocity, if your team cannot produce an increment that is releasable at least every Sprint.

Focus on strengthening your DoD first.


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