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不JOKE: What the final user wants!

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Open ticket = resolved ticket!

Final user to salesman: I need you to develop (a drawing of a castle appears)

Salesman: Splendid!

Salesman to Product Owner: The user wants (simpler castle drawing appears)

ProductOwner: No need to utter another word.!

Product Owner for tech lead: I need the dev team to do it (a drawing of a tent with two towers appears)

Tech lead: Got it!

Tech lead for the dev team (and Scrum): Devs, you have to develop (drawing of a sandcastle appears)

Dev: No sweat, fam!

Dev (on computer): I finished on time!

On the screen, a castle, a bucket, a plastic shovel, and a sand castle in the shape of the bucket.


T-shirt: Open ticket = resolved ticket!