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#react #quiz What is setCount?👇👇👇

· frontend,react

What is setCount?

const [count, setCount] = useState(0);

A) the initial state value

B) a variable

C) a state object

D) a function to update the state

setCount is a state updater function that is returned by the useState Hook in the code you provided.

The useState Hook is a way to add state to your functional components in React. When you call useState, it returns an array with two values:

The current state value, which is count in this example and is initialized to 0.

The state updater function, which is setCount in this example and is used to update the state value.

You can use the setCount function to change the value of count whenever you need to update your state, for example:

setCount(count + 1);

This line of code will increment the value of count by 1, causing a re-render of the component and updating the UI to reflect the new state.