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Productivity method: Eisenhower matrix

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The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple tool to help you understand how to be more productive with your time.
Rather than aiding concentration, the focus falls more heavily on prioritisation, which is perfect for navigating your way through a build-up of work.

Named after the former President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, this productivity method helps you decide which tasks are urgent, important or neither.


All the tasks on your to-do list, big or small, will fall into one of the four quadrants.

―Urgent matters require immediate attention and come with consequences if you don’t complete them.
―Those that are less important/urgent can either be scheduled for a later date or perhaps delegated to another team member if that’s an option.
―If an item is neither urgent nor important, it should be removed.
The Eisenhower Matrix asks you to really think about whether the work you’re doing is actually important, or just urgent.
The good news is you don’t need anything more than a pen and paper (possibly a ruler) to get started with the Eisenhower Matrix.
Here’s a helpful video from to get you started: