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“Never raise🙋‍♂️ a problem without a solution” as a developer

· workplace

Have you ever heard from code reviews👨‍💻: “This code is bad👎” such a statement does not help.
But “This class deals with two concerns, and needs to be broken apart to increase expressiveness and cohesion” brings a respectful👍 attitude from the reviewee.

A software developers’ job is to solve problems💡, and if your only value is to identify🔍 problems, it is hard to take seriously a claim that you are good at your job.
In such a case, you are more a tester or business analyst👩‍💼 than a developer.
Bringing a solution will help you understand🧠 the problem concisely.
It’s difficult😤 to fully understand a problem without giving potential solutions a fair amount of consideration.
In conclusion, software developers who are professional problem solvers should come with a solution when spotting 🎯 an issue.
They are experts🚀 in the matter: thinking of solutions is part of their problem-solving job.