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Java usage amongst developers and enterprises

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1) Java is the most popular language amongst developers
   => 69% of the world's developer population uses Java    => The popularity of Java illustrates:
  1.       * Relevance to a multitude of use cases
  2.       * Rich developer community
  3.       * Sustained history of innovation

2) Java is widely used across the Americas, EMEA and APJ

   => Java is used by close to 80% of all developers in the Americas, EMEA and APJ    =>That said, Java is used more extensively in the Americas and EMEA in contrast to APJ    =>77% of developers in the Americas claim "heavy" to "moderate" usage in contrast to 71% for EMEA and 61% for APJ
3) Java usage spans organizations of a multitude of sizes
  => At least 65% of developers from large, medium or small organizations reported heavy or moderate use of Java    => So Java is not a language only for large companies, Java fits from startups to GAFA
4) A wide range of developer personas uses Java
  => Developer roles with heavy usage of Java include front end developer, data scientist and UX developer
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