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Mental Health Quotient 🧠🔋: DO THE TEST

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Do you remember the COVID situation which was a struggle for some of us at the mental resilience level?

Now, is a good time to check if you are okay with your mental by evaluating its quotient.

Do the test and check which areas are not fulfilled:

🌦 Mood and Outlook:

Your ability to manage and regulate your emotions effectively and to have a constructive or optimistic outlook for the future.

😀 Social Self:

How you interact with, relate to, and see yourself with respect to others.

📈 Drive and Motivation:

Your ability to work towards achieving your desired goals and to initiate, persevere, and complete activities in your daily life.

⚙ Cognition:

Your ability to perform basic cognitive functions, make sense of complex sets of events and situations, and display a longer-term perspective in your thoughts and behavior.

✈ Adaptability & Resilience:

Your ability to shift your behavior and outlook in response to changing circumstances and cope with the challenges and setbacks that you encounter.

🧘‍♂️ Mind-Body Connection:

The regulation of the balance between your mind and body.

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