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Java release the 16 March

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2 days to go to Java 16 release

JDK 16 will be release for general availability the 16 March.

Here the features of this release:
―338:Vector API (Incubator)
―347:Enable C++14 Language Features
―357:Migrate from Mercurial to Git
―369:Migrate to GitHub
―376:ZGC: Concurrent Thread-Stack Processing
―380:Unix-Domain Socket Channels
―386:Alpine Linux Port
―387:Elastic Metaspace
―388:Windows/AArch64 Port
―389:Foreign Linker API (Incubator)
―390:Warnings for Value-Based Classes
―392:Packaging Tool
―393:Foreign-Memory Access API (Third Incubator)
―394:Pattern Matching for instanceof
―396:Strongly Encapsulate JDK Internals by Default
―397:Sealed Classes (Second Preview)