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=>JDK 16: The new features in Java 16

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The new capabilities coming to Java 16 include:
The warnings for value-based classes proposal:
Sealed classes:
Strong encapsulation of JDK internals by default:
Foreign linker API:
Moving ZGC (Z Garbage Collector) thread-stack processing:
An elastic metaspace capability:
Enablement of C++ 14 language features:
A vector API in an incubator stage:
Porting the JDK to the Windows/AArch64 platform:\
Porting of the JDK to Alpine Linux:
Providing records classes:
Unix-domain socket channels:
A foreign-memory access API:
Pattern matching:
Providing the jpackage tool for packaging self-contained Java applications:
Migration of OpenJDK source code repositories from Mercurial to Git:
Migration to GitHub:

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