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Is there any certification for DevOps?

=>If yes, which certifications must a DevOps engineer possess?

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I am interested in getting stronger in DevOps,

and what better guidance than a certification preparation to muscle up in DevOps.

Ops is a wide topic.

  • Here a list of some "official" certification programs.
  • Amazon Web Services certification
  • Microsoft Azure certification
  • Google Cloud Certifications
  • Chef certification
  • Ansible Certification
  • Saltstack Certification
  • Puppet Certification
  • Jenkins Certification
  • Nginx Certification
  • Docker Certification
  • Kubernetes Certification
  • OpenShift Certification
  • Splunk Certification
  • AppDynamics Certification
  • NewRelic Certification
  • Dynatrace Certification
  • Elastic Certification
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Certification
  • Atlassian Certification - Jira & Confluence
  • Apache Kafka Developer Certification | Confluent
  • PagerDuty Course
  • signalfx
  • HashiCorp - Terraform Certification

It's quite a long list, and each item is deep.

I think having an introductory knowledge of each would be nice,

and an extensive understanding of one or two of these would be fair.