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GREEN IT Developer 🌍💚: Favor static pages

· greenIT

If a page only needs to be changed twice a year 🤷♀️, use a static page built outside of the CMS. This reduces 📉 CPU usage, bandwidth, and electricity ⚡ consumption.

That is because dynamic content management systems must load the various software layers to serve the content requested by the user — e.g. the HTTP server, applications server, content storage system (database) — and, potentially, related cache systems. On the other hand, a static file is directly 🚀 read and sent to the user by the HTTP or cache server, skipping the need for the application server or database.

👍 Static file: only uses the HTTP server.

👎 Dynamic content: uses the HTTP server, application server (e.g. PHP, Python, Ruby, Java), and database server (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer).