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GITHUB: Spring Batch trivial example

· java,github

You have surely sometimes encounter the need to execute a big 💪 data processing.

Spring Batch is the solution ! 💡

It does the job in three steps: 1️⃣ Read, 2️⃣ Process, 3️⃣ Write.

I created a repository 👨‍💻 doing the most basic Spring Batch job.

It fetches hard-written messages from an array, in the reader step.

It sets the font to uppercase in the processor step.

It prints it in the console in the writer step.

I used Spring Initilizr with JDK17 ☕, SpringBoot 🍃, and Spring Batch Dependencies ⚙️.

Note that there are two kinds of configuration: with XML or with Java Annotations.