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FREE MOOC: Introduction to Indie Games

=>Explore the thriving independent video games industry, and develop the skills to kickstart your career in the sector.

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Learn how great indie games are made and what it takes to work in the industry
The video games sector is booming, employing more than 16,000 people in the UK.
Moreover, 99.5% of all UK games companies are small and medium-sized independent enterprises.

On this course, you will explore the thriving independent games sector.
You’ll examine its cultural and economic importance, meeting and learning from the creators and teams who make the games you love.
You will develop an understanding of what indie games are, how they’re made, the skills required to work in the industry,
and how you can go about developing these skills in order to launch your own career in the sector.


  1. Games studios and independent design
  2. Why do independent games matter?
  3. Indie games and pitching ideas
  4. Understanding roles and skills
  5. Facing the future and new ideas: How might the industry evolve?