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FREE EBOOK: Exploring Voice-First Development

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Voice-enabled applications like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and speech-based chatbots are enriching our modern lives, at work and at play. Whether we’re adding items to our grocery list, automatically reordering prescriptions, listening to a favorite playlist, managing reminders, or automating conference calls, voice-enabled applications improve our user experience. You will understand how to design great voice apps. And the best way to learn is by exploring real-world voice experiences and proven development strategies.

Exploring Voice-First Development provides you with three chapters expertly picked by Ann Thymé-Gobbel and Charles Jankowski from their book, Voice-First Development. In this fast and focused sampler, these seasoned voice experts introduce you to core concepts of conversational voice before drilling down to key skills like handling vague, unclear or ambiguous user requests, and cultivating user confidence with meaningful confirmations.


  1. Voice-first development components
  2. Resolving incomplete requests through disambiguation
  3. Conveying reassurance with confidence and confirmation