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FREE BOOK: Exploring Kubernetes

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Exploring Kubernetes is a collection of chapters from Kubernetes in Action by Marko Lukša, member of Red Hat’s Cloud Enablement Team. In it, you’ll learn to take your first steps in the world of Kubernetes and how to use it with Docker to control your clusters. You’ll then discover everything you need to use Pods, Kubernetes-managed clusters of containers, including how to manage and keep them healthy. Finally, you’ll see how to implement services to your Pods and expose them to both internal and external clients. When you finish, you’ll have a good overview of Kubernetes and how to get started with it quickly, opening the door for you to continue your learning and bring it into your daily work!


  1. First steps with Docker and Kubernetes
  2. Pods: running containers in Kubernetes
  3. Replication and other controllers: deploying managed Pods
  4. Services: enabling clients to discover and talk to Pods
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