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Don’t call it a comeback: Why Java is still champ 🏆

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🚀 "Java has been sitting among the top three languages since shortly after its launch in 1995."

🌇 "Companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, Square, and Zoom all employ Java across their vast codebases."

7️⃣ "When Java 7 finally did arrive, Andrich van Wyk recalls it being “a relatively mediocre release for five years of development,”"

8️⃣ "“we had to wait until 2014 and the release of Java 8 for that renaissance to kick off,” recalls van Wyk"

🌐 "Java still offers a highly performant, memory-safe language ideal for internet infrastructure and large-scale applications."

🕰️ "By committing to a regular six-month release cadence, Java started to move ahead faster, minimizing the pain of waiting for new releases for Java users."

🤏 “The smaller but much more frequent releases are really working well.”

🆓 "The 2019 Oracle JDk commercial licensing rushed the community and OpenJDK appeared so that it ensures there was a Free (as in beer) and Free (as in use) OpenJDK binary for developers in perpetuity."

👨‍💻 "We can also point to Kotlin and Scala, two languages that operate on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), as participants in Java’s so-called revival."

👩‍⚕️ "For Java developers, other languages on the JVM offer Java-compatibility while perhaps simultaneously addressing their concerns about Java’s deficits."

✂️ "In fact, for Java developers who are interested in learning Kotlin, they can simply write something in Java, paste it into a Kotlin file, and it can be automatically translated into Kotlin by their IDE. “That’s part of why Kotlin is so successful, in my opinion,” says Lee. “There is that transferability.”"

☁️ "VMware is working to improve Java’s cloud nativeness with the upcoming release of Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3".

🌤️"Quarkus and the Micronaut project are helping to propel Java into that one cloud-native realm."

🧵 "Project Loom aims to bring lightweight threads to the Java platform making Java simpler for developers and much more scalable than today."

🔮 "“Java has been around now for 25 years and I believe that it’s going to be around for another 25 years.” says Milinkovich."

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