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💡Create free nice Charts with Livegap Charts 📈🎨🖌️🆓

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If you sometimes have to design some charts, check this website:👇


.。*゚🗲.*.。How it Work ゚*..🗲。*゚

1️⃣ Enter The Data

Add your data to the spreadsheet panel. You can also copy it from excel Or any spreadsheet.

2️⃣ Customize The Chart

Modify Chart Type, Colors, Texts, Fonts, Border, Background, Line Style, Axis, Legend...

3️⃣ Save & Share

Save Your Chart as an image or as a web page (animated). Save it online to access it from everywhere Or Share it with Friends.


.。*゚🗲.*.。Features ゚*..🗲。*゚


Preview how the chart looks in real time


Tons of customization options ( Colors, Margins, Texts, Legend, Fonts, Gradients .... )


Make beautiful data visualizations with more than 50 chart Templates


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