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CERTFICATE "Team building - Google recipe for high performing teams"​

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Google spent two years and millions of dollars - studying 180 real work teams, 201 interviews, considered 250+ variables.

This MOOC explains the results of this study.

🔹 Performing outdoor team building event: climbing trees, holding hands, singing kumbaya 🤣 do little to improve team effectiveness.

🔹 Just hiring smart people is not enough, and it is also important to create an environment where these smart people can do their best.

🔹 Effective teams have bigger results as a whole than as a sum of each individual part.

🔹 While poor teams have smaller results as a whole than as the sum of each part.

🔹 Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. -- Michael Jordan

🔹 Surprisingly, the following factors DO NOT ❌ impact team performance:

  • The co-location of teammates
  • The consensus-driven decision making
  • Extraversion of team members
  • Individual performance of team members
  • The seniority of the team members
  • Diverse and/or complementary skill sets
  • Team size
  • Tenure (Time period the teammates know each other)

These factors could work for the 20th-century teamwork model, 

but google search results show that they do not with the 21st century way of teamwork.🤷‍♂️

🔹 What really matters ✅ for team performance are:

  • Team dynamics (how the behaviors of team members impacts others and the team as a whole)
  • Psychological safety 🧠
  • (can I share openly honest feedback without fearing being embarrassed?)
  • Dependability 👨‍🚒 (Can I rely on my teammates? Are my teammates showing responsibility?)
  • Structure and clarity 🔍(Are the expectations clear? What is my role? Do I know how to do it? #OKR --Objectives and Key Results)
  • Meaning 🙂 (Does my work provide professional fulfillment?)
  • Impact 🌎(Does my work make an impact for a greater good? What is the vision of my work?)