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Angular v16! 🅰️🚀

· fullstack

➕ Angular Signals in developer preview 🚦

➕ Developer preview of opt-in non-destructive hydration 💧

➕ Improved Standalone APIs 🧍 ♀️

➕ Tooling enhancements 🧰

You can get all this and more with `ng update`! 🚀

1️⃣ Angular Signals 🚦 bring fine-grained reactivity to developer preview in v16!

- entirely backward compatible and interoperable

- better run-time performance

- a simpler mental model for reactivity

Learn more in our developer guides:

2️⃣ Developer preview of full app non-destructive hydration 💧

Angular now looks up existing DOM nodes while building internal data structures & attaches event listeners, instead of re-rendering!

Early tests saw a 45% Largest Contentful Paint improvement!

3️⃣ Migrate to standalone APIs with new schematics and a migration guide. 🧍 ♀️

Once you’re in your project directory run:

`ng generate @angular/core:standalone`

4️⃣ v16 brings our new esbuild-based build system to developer preview!

Early tests showed a 72% improvement in speed over cold production builds!