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ANGULAR INTERVIEW QUESTION: Can you explain the role of Angular Guards?

· ngInterview,fullstack

The Angular Guards are interfaces that tell the router if it allows or not the user to go a given URL.

To make that decision, Angular relies on a class implementing the Guards interface and outputs true or false.

There are five kinds of Guards:

  • CanActivate: This Guard is called for each access request, and allow or forbid the access to the user.
  • CanActivateChild: Same as previous one, but for child routes.
  • CanDeactivate: This Guard is called each time a user wishes to leave the current route (for saving a form data when a user leaves early).
  • CanLoad: This Guard checks if a user can access a lazily loaded module route.
  • Resolve: This Guard allows to fetch some data before going to a given route.



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