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A brief history of Java

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Leadership at Sun Microsystems brainstorm a stealth project The ‘Green Project’) to explore consumer electronic opportunities. Technical investments begin on the Oak programming language, later re-named to Java.

1995: Java 1.0

Java makes its debut at a moment where the internet has almost 16 million users worldwide.

1998: Java 1.2

2 million downloads of Java 1.1, Sun Microsystems releases Java 1.2 at the JavaOne conference.

2000: Java 1.3

ATM machines, mobile phones, game machines, cameras, point-of-sale terminals, to desktops, smart cards and more, use Java.

2002: Java 1.4

Showcase how Java can be applied end-to-end from the application to the database to client interface.

2004: Java 1.5

650 million desktop Java users, 1.5 billion devices, Mars Rover touches down on Mars with Java.

2006: Java 1.6

Release under GNU General Public License.

2014: Java 8

Lambdas and Streams.

2017: Java 9

Oracle introduces modularity into the Java platform.

2020: Java 14

Helpful NPE, Switch expressions.

2020: Java 15

Hidden classes, text blocks.

2021: Java 16

Records, Pattern matching, Github migration.