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WINDOWS SHORTCUT: WINDOWS + H => fill text by voice

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Wanna rest your fingers?

Do WINDOWS_key + H, you can fill text by voice thanks to Cortana

Some Voice commands:

  1. Select "word"
  2. Select that
  3. Select the "next three words"
  4. Select the "previous two paragraphs"
  5. Start spelling/ Stop spelling
  6. Clear selection
  7. Unselect that
  8. Delete that/ Strike that/ Delete "word"
  9. Go after that/ Move after "word"/ Go to the end of "paragraph"/ Go after "word"/ Move after "word"/ Go to the end of that/ Move to the end of "paragraph"
  10. Go up to the previous "paragraph"/ Move back to the previous "word"
  11. Go to the start of the "word"/ Go before that/ Move to the start of that
  12. Go down to the next "paragraph"/ Move forward to the next "word"/ Go to the end of the "paragraph"/ Move to the end of the "word"
  13. Press "key"
  14. Tap "key" Supported keys: Tab, Enter, End, Home, Page up, Page down, Backspace, Delete