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Why – How – What: From Product Vision to Task by Peter Götz

· scrum

Simon Sinek in his book "Start With Why" 📗 talks about the importance of knowing why we are doing things before we think about what and how to do it.

So start with why for your product development.

🪙 Golden Circle

The golden circle in a circle with:

- a core circle: the why

- a inner circle: the how

- an outer circle: the what

Many people know exactly what they are doing and how, but often the why is not clear enough.

🎯 We can apply it to a scrum team:

- a core circle: the why= vision

- a inner circle: the how= porduct backlog

- an outer circle: the what= tasks

Without a really good reason to build the product, and a purpose to the product, it doesn’t really make sense to build it.

When stuck with the what, the Development Team can look back at the how.

If Product Owner has doubts around a how she can look back at the why and try to figure out if this specific how adds to reaching the why.

☝️ Since "people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it",

please "Start With Why" for your product development with Scrum.

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