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What should be the posture of a tech lead?

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The posture of a tech lead is a subject that can vary depending on contexts and companies, but there are some common elements that can help you understand this role. Here are some key points I found while researching online:

💪 A tech lead is a person who must excel in several aspects of development, such as

* Code quality,

* Technical vision,

* Coaching, and

* Facilitation.

📡📱💻 A tech lead should

* Master multiple technologies,

* Understand various programming languages,

* Analyze and solve technical problems, and

* Continuously self-educate to enrich their knowledge of computer science.

🗣️ A tech lead should be able to

* Manage a technical team,

* Resolve potential conflicts,

* Communicate effectively with stakeholders, and

* Propose innovative and effective solutions.

💙 A tech lead should also be passionate about

* Technical discussions and decisions,

* Knowledge sharing,

* Community building,

* Curiosity, and

* Open-mindedness.

🧠 A tech lead should be aware of

* Their limits,

* Their strengths, and

* Their weaknesses.

🔃 And they should be adaptable to

* Their environment and

* Their team's needs.