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🅰️ What’s New in Angular 16 and What To Expect

· fullstack

Angular v16 is the next major release of the Angular framework, and it’s scheduled to be released in May 2023. Let's browse the new features!


Signals are a new way of managing state changes in Angular applications.

Signals are functions that return a value (get())and can be updated by calling them with a new value (set()). It looks like React hooks.

Reactivity Model and Zone.js (Zoneless)

Zone.js is a library that monkey-patches browser APIs to detect changes and trigger change detection in Angular applications. n Angular v16, Zone.js will be optional for performance purposes.

Required Component Inputs

This feature will allow developers to mark some inputs of a component as required, meaning the parent component must provide them, or else an error will be thrown.

Non-Destructive Hydration

Hydration in Angular is the process of converting server-rendered HTML into a fully functional client-side application by attaching event handlers and initializing components. In Angular 16, hydration will be supported out of the box.