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What qualities are required to become a consultant?

· workplace,team

I. Interpersonal Qualities

👂 [Listening skills] to understand the client's needs.

🤸‍ [Flexibility] to adapt to the organization's rules and conditions.

🗣️ [Oral proficiency], dynamism, and the ability to persuade an audience contribute to better engagement with colleagues.

🤝 [Inspiring trust], being able to commit and deliver on promises while providing added value.

II. Analytical Skills

🙋‍ [Asking the right questions] to help the interlocutor understand their problem and find a coherent solution.

🔄 [Responsiveness].

III. Professional Qualities

🔎 [Analytical and synthesis skills] to rely on facts, explore data, and convey information.

⌚ [Punctuality, adherence to standards, and consideration for others].

👩‍🏫 [Teaching and tact] to smoothly integrate one's ideas.