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=>Universal Control Plane

· devops


UCP is a containerized application that runs on Docker Enterprise Edition,

  • extending its functionality to simplify:
  • the deployment,
  • configuration, and
  • monitoring of your applications at scale.

Once Universal Control Plane (UCP) instance is deployed, developers and IT operations no longer interact with Docker Engine directly, but interact with UCP instead.

Since UCP exposes the standard Docker API, this is all done transparently, so that you can use the tools you already know and love, like the Docker CLI client and Docker Compose.


  • Centralized cluster management:
  • =>join up to thousands of physical or virtual machines together to create a container cluster
  • Deploy, manage, and monitor
  • =>manage from a centralized place all of the computing resources


  • Built-in security and access control:

=>control who can access and make changes to your cluster


  • Dashboard:

=>displays the manager and working nodes with CPU, max Memory, max Used disk stats


  • Interaction through web UI or CLI:

=>use the UCP web UI to manage your swarm, grant and revoke user permissions, deploy, configure, manage, and monitor your apps