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What exactly does it mean to be a "senior" software engineer

· workplace

―Also people need to realize it's not that like: just sitting down and coding and being like a normal engineer in that sense.

―It's a leader, leadership position, like when they give you that role, you're expected to actually be able to mentor people and lead meetings and be in technical designs and business decisions and things like that.
―So when people hear "not manager", I think the issue is that they think that they'll be able to get out of meetings and such. And it's like, no, it's kind of the same thing.
―"Senior" software engineer is not like being the ultimate ICS, wanting to sit at one's desk and just contribute to code, say playing the code genius asking to leave him alone.
―"Senior" software engineer sounds more like a like a tenured professor or something, you know, you have to publish, you have to mentor, you have to be present at the events. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, there's always the option to not do those things. But unfortunately, you won't progress at that company or in your career if you don't.