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Or to which kind are you the closer?

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Neil Green defined a list of developer persona

  1. The Diva– convinced irreplaceable, so arrogance, impossible to manage
  2. The Idealist– obsessed by code perfection,forget to add business value
  3. The Rock Star– so talented, so essential that if their leave, the project would collapse
  4. The Aspiring Manager– running away from code writing, to go to management
  5. The Hostage Taker– writes critical software piece to be indispensable
  6. The Bull in the China Shop– neglect quality so that work be done quicker
  7. The Incompetent– lacks skills to do the job
  8. The Extreme Underestimator– massively underestimates time to complete a task
  9. The Extreme Overestimator– afraid of deadlines, ask the maximal time
  10. The Soldier– does what they are told without questions
  11. The Technology Enamored– introduce technologies regardless of if they are appropriate
  12. The Legacy Maintainer– only capable of maintenance of legacy software

I am concerned by number 6 and 10:
=>The Bull in the China Shop: due to short deadlines that does not favor exhaustive fine-tuning
=>The Soldier: due to mandatory recommendations which does not make room to critical thinking