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⌨️ Typing skill: how good you are?

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The fastest typists in the world, with speeds ranging from 160 WPM – words per minute – to over 300 🤪, don’t “need” to type so fast that no one can hear over the sound of their clattering keyboards. But typing that fast gives them a distinct advantage 👍 in their chosen careers, and wins awards 🏆 to boot.

The average typing speed is about 41 WPM, with an accuracy rate of 92%. There is nothing wrong 🤷‍♂️ with typing more slowly than this, but it can impact your ability to take notes 📝, write documents, and keep up with a competitive 👩‍💼 workplace. Learning to type faster will improve your professional profile.

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PS: My typing speed is 47WPM 😐 (with an accuracy of 100%)