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1) "Rollback lines" (Ctrl+Alt+Z for me)

Reverts the hunk that the cursor is currently in.

Glorious to quickly undo local experiments.

2) Join lines. Ctrl-Shift-J

Esp as it also merges variable declarations and assignments. 

3) Expand selection. Ctrl-(Shift)-w

Ctrl+W to select area based on syntax tree 

4) Complete Statement (Ctrl+Shift+Enter)

5) Extract method (Ctrl+alt+m)

6) extract constant (Ctrl+alt+c)

7) CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-J to select all occurrences in current editor, e.g. allows rename in current editor only

8) Multicursors ! (Alt+j)

So powerful, helps me rewrite stuff in like no time, editing multiple lines together so I never need macros.

9) Ctrl+Alt+Left to find my back from a navigational rabbit hole

10) shift+f6..refactoring code is not possible without it.

*) mouse 4 and 5 to go back and forth on last locations is the incredibly useful

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