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The Sprint Backlog CAN ✊ change during the Sprint by Barry Overeem

· scrum

Sprint Backlog is NOT ❌ fixed during the Sprint.

Changes 🔄️ are allowed during the Sprint; work can be added ➕ or removed ➖.

The Sprint Backlog represents the work that a Development Team needs to pull from the Product Backlog to achieve the Sprint Goal🎯.

Although the Sprint Goal is fixed during the Sprint, the Sprint Backlog is NOT.

This would be unwise considering the core premise of Scrum: we can't create detailed plans for the future 🔮.

Even if that future is a single Sprint, it is entirely possible that new insights or impediments emerge.

In short; a Sprint Backlog is flexible 🤸 , as long as changes do not distract 😵 💫 from the focus on the Sprint Goal.

The Daily Scrum is an excellent opportunity to inspect 🕵️ and adapt and make adjustments to the Sprint Backlog.

The Sprint Backlog is a FORECAST 🌦️ by the Development Team about the functionality that will be part of the next Increment 📦.

Our goal should be to reach the desired outcome (the Sprint Goal) with the least amount of output (Sprint Backlog).

Embrace the emerging 🔄️ nature of the Sprint Backlog.

Encourage the Development Team to change, modify and improve the Sprint Backlog during the Sprint.

"The SPRINT goal is the defined destination 🎯 and the sprint backlog is possible ways 🛣️ to go there.

The paths can change to reach the same previously defined objective."

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