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😜 Temporary solution

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Temporary solution

Two developers are pair programming. 

One suggests, 

"Let's fix this with a temporary solution."


The second one, foreseeing trouble ahead, cautions, 

"But that will create more problems in the long run."


To which the first one casually responds, 

"Yeah, but we'll have changed jobs by then."


The joke plays on the common practice in software development of using temporary solutions or "quick fixes" to address issues in code, even though they may not be the best long-term solution. 

In the joke, the first developer acknowledges that the temporary solution they propose might indeed cause more problems down the line, but they joke that it won't matter because they'll have changed jobs by then. This humorously reflects the reality in some tech environments where developers might move on to different jobs before having to deal with the consequences of their temporary solutions.