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TEAM THEORY: Storming⛈️ - a stage of friction and conflict💢

=>Who is in charge?🤷‍♂️ How will we do this?

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In the storming stage, people start to push against the established boundaries.
Conflict or friction can also arise between team members as their true characters🎭 surface and clash with other people's.

At this stage team members may challenge the authority👮‍♂️ or management style, or even the team's mission.
Left unchecked, this can lead to face-to-face confrontations 🤜🤛 or simmering online tensions.
If roles and responsibilities aren't yet clear, individuals might begin to feel overwhelmed😩 by their workload or frustrated at a lack of progress 📉.
This stage is perhaps an early test of whether the team has the ability to be a high performing🥇 one.
Giesen and Osborne (2008) believe that teams that can effectively manage conflict at this stage move on to a 'good' norming stage 😉.
⚠Teams that do not effectively manage conflict here move into a 'bad' norming stage where team development stalls 💥 and dysfunction may set in.