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TEAM: conflicts in the team are okay, it's part of the team lifecycle

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According to Tuckman, a team goes through several stages:

1. Forming

First up: the forming stage of group development.

As the name suggests, this first stage is all about the formation of the new team, establishing the team’s purpose, and navigating emerging group dynamics.

2. Storming

The storming stage of group development is one of the most critical stages, but it’s also the most dreaded.

This stage is marked with turmoil and interpersonal conflict as group dynamics are established and members compete for their ideas to be heard.

3. Norming

When the clouds part, the group moves from the storming stage to the norming stage of group development.

In this stage, the team learns how to work towards a common goal, and shared leadership emerges.

4. Performing

This was originally the last stage in Tuckman’s model, but it really represents what your team should look like at the height of productivity.

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