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🍃SpringBoot with 👨‍💻⚙️GitHub Actions

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GitHub Actions is a platform that enables automating software development workflows directly within GitHub repositories. It allows you to define custom workflows using YAML syntax, automating tasks like testing, building, and deploying software applications.

GitHub Actions simplifies CI/CD for Spring Boot developers by automating build, test, and deployment workflows. It integrates seamlessly with Maven/Gradle, offers customizable workflows, supports community-contributed actions, and promotes collaboration through transparent pipeline configurations within repositories.

🎬 Track

0:12 intro

0:47 Spring Boot project creation

1:40 Folder for GitHub actions

2:00 Repository creation

2:16 Uploading code

3:22 Maven config file for GitHub actions

6:06 push and check on GitHub actions

8:45 conclusion

9:32 QR code for Spring Boot certification prep

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