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🍃🎓 SPRING CERTIFICATION QUESTION: Which is true about Spring RestTemplate?

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Which is true about Spring RestTemplate?

* It is reactive

* It is non-blocking

* It won't evolve in the future

* It is deprecated

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Answer: * It won't evolve in the future

1. It is not reactive:

Spring RestTemplate is not a reactive framework.

It is a synchronous HTTP client for making HTTP requests and receiving responses.

If you need to work with reactive programming, you should consider using Spring WebFlux and WebClient.

2.It is blocking:

RestTemplate operates in a blocking manner, which means when you make a request using RestTemplate,

it will block the current thread until it receives a response.

This is in contrast to reactive frameworks like Spring WebFlux, which offer non-blocking alternatives.

3.It won't evolve in the future:

The Spring ecosystem is continuously evolving, and while RestTemplate was widely used in the past for making HTTP requests,

Spring has been encouraging the use of WebClient (a part of Spring WebFlux) for making HTTP requests in modern applications.

RestTemplate may not receive as much attention and improvement in future Spring releases compared to WebClient.

4. Not Deprecated:

Till under Spring 6.0.11, RestTemplate is in maintenance mode, not deprecated, and developers were encouraged to use WebClient for new projects.

Check also the next step for RestTemplate: RestClient (