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🍃🎓 SPRING CERTIFICATION QUESTION: Spring findBy with relationships

· vcp,spring,java

Custom finders can also navigate relationships.

For example, if the repository’s domain type were Person and it had an Address field with ZipCode, we could write a custom finder that uses the ZipCode of the Entity Address to filter the Person entities containing that Address.


Which of the following allows you to filter the Person according to the ZipCode?

* findByAddressZipCode(ZipCode zipCode)


* findByAddressWithZipCode(ZipCode zipCode)


* findByAddress_ZipCode(ZipCode zipCode)


* findByAddress@ZipCode(ZipCode zipCode)



#spring #certificationquestion #vcp #springdata


findByAddressZipCode is correct.

findByAddressWithZipCode throws an IllegalArgumentException.

findByAddress_ZipCode is correct.

findByAddress@ZipCode does not compile.

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