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SOLID PRINCIPLES: Dependency Inversions 🔃

· coding,devops,solid

SOLID principles basically form the fundamental guidelines for building 

👉 object-oriented , 

👉 loosely coupled , 

👉 robust, maintainable and 

👉 easily understandable applications .

A class should depend on abstraction ✅(interfaces and abstract classes) and not on concretion (classes).

For ex:


Above code will work for one engine but what if there are two types of engine,

say diesel and petrol,it would mean to modify our class which is not ❌ good idea.

This can be solved by adding ➕ an abstraction layer , 

so car instead of directly depending on Engine now depends on EngineInterface:

 PetrolEngine or DieselEngine classes implement this interface 

and we can connect any of these to the Car class: