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SOFT-SKILL: Feedforward System RISE 📈

· soft-skills,team

Let's focus 🔍 on the success of our feedforward system RISE.

Remember the acronym: RISE 📈.

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The first part of RISE is Reflection.🪞

It is about developing awareness ⚠️ and assessment.

It is to figure out what went well and what could go better.

Be as objective as possible.

There is no point in defensiveness. 🛡️

Define what motivates you, when are you engaged, what reasons you have for optimism, and what makes you happy. 😄

What kind of potential is there really?

Get excited, get engaged, energized, and in the end succeed.


The I is about Initiating and initiating is self-management in focus.🚀

Ask you these questions: 🤔

  1. How can I implement things?
  2. How can I make them better?

Define how to answer your wishes:

  • Make the future 🔮 better than the past.
  • Be more engaged.
  • Improve. 💪
  • Have legitimate realistic positive expectations.
  • Need that tomorrow would be better than today.

So with initiative, you will put things into place.

You will accelerate 💨 your achievement on how you can be more confident.


S in RISE is Sense.💓

Be accountable!

Accountability comes when things are measurable.

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • How?
  • What can you find along the way?
  • Who can help? 💁♀️
  • How can they help?


And last in the model is Elevate.🛗

That's what leads you to:

  1. raise your performance to a new level.
  2. self-lead.
  3. influence. 🎙️
  4. elevate your game to sustain improvements.
  5. elevate day by day.


RISE is again: Reflect/think about what you've been doing; Initiate/improve; Sense/see where you are, and Elevate your game.